Automated Attendee Matching

Our advanced matching tool ensures that you reach your objectives and deliver on your promises to attendees by allowing you to rank and prioritize others based on their goals and interests, and automatically scheduling one-on-one meetings with attendees that fit your profile. You can schedule an unlimited number of meetings with as many participants as you like, and by measuring and optimizing the actual return on objectives (ROI) for each attendee, we make sure all parties meet their desired goals and objectives in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Dynamic Agendas and Session Tracks

With Aigenda, not only can you create agendas and session tracks of any type, number, and complexity, but you can change or update them easily through Aigenda’s simple layout – even a day before the event! Whether your event consists of workshops, seminars, keynote presentations or all of the above, creating an agenda is as easy as a simple drag and drop. You can activate or deactivate the events you want on your agenda, finalize and send it to your participants through a simple click.