• Replies instantly
  • Easy and Simple to Use
  • No app to download

Quick Start

Build your profile in a matter of moments. Link to your Facebook account and our system will take care of the rest. Following a few easy steps, you can enable AiBot and get instant response.

And if you have a problem that the AiBot can’t help you with, you can simply ask to talk to a human and the chat request will be received instantly, making sure you are connected to a real person as soon as possible.

Simple and straightforward

Don’t want to waste time and phone storage for another app? No need! AiBot uses Facebook Messenger to help you find events, venues, and any other info you might need. It’s as simple as texting a friend!

Real-time Communication

AiBot timely updates and reminds attendees, making sure every participant is kept informed in real-time during the event. Attendees can also control which notifications they would like to receive in the preferences.

Intelligent data

All data entered or pulled from the web will be organized, structured, and presented to your clients intuitively. For every question, we strive to give the best answer. See for yourself. You get up to 1000 transactions per month for no charge, and as it is still in beta, signing in now will allow you the benefit of 5000 transactions per month for up to two years!